What would you Rust?

The question is no longer what 'could' you rust, as our products are the very best in patina paint technology. We are the market leaders in Rusty Paint, and time after time blow our competitor's products out of the water.

Not only are our paints ultra flexible, they are hard wearing and can be applied to virtually any surface without the need of primers. The best part about our products, are their anti-corrosive properties, which actually create a protective barrier between bare metalwork, and the real rusting paint finish. 

Our paint gives you the ability to age any project you have by 40 years, in just a matter of hours!

Please do not confuse our products with anything from a spray can, as there is simply no comparison!

Great square meter coverage, which is ideal for industrial applications and shop fittings (1Ltr=5sqm)

All our products leave a different finish, however check out our new line 'REAL RUST', as this paint can rust before your very eyes, achieving full rust in under an hour once our activator is applied.

Rustypaint Is A Registered Trademark with the intellectual property office -Reg No: UK00003188589