Some of the coverage that our paint has received, thanks to our awesome customers!

As you can see, there has been a fair bit of coverage of our paint products,

Not only have the products graced the pages of several well known magazines and been on the radio, it has also been seen worldwide thanks to an internationally recognised artist rusting his canvases!

Without such brilliant customers, this would be impossible to achieve! - So a big thank you to you guys!

Will you be the next RustyPaint feature?

Fast Car Editor Midge - Having His Own Personal Car Rusty Painted

Some of our cool customers  awards & trophies 

Barry Drummand - Best in show with his Rusty Trike

TIGER MCC - 2019 Best In Show

Chris Kelly Picking up Best VAG @ Mighty Dub Fest 2018

Chris & Laura Clearing up again at another 3 shows!

Martyn Coope picking up awards with his Caddy

Ashley Karmann Codd picking up an award at

VW festival 2018

Gareth's Hayabusa Picking Up Best Paintwork At The Park View Motorbike Festival

Tony Anderson Picking Up An Award For Best Paint At The Model Hut Build Off

Steve Rhodes Picking Up Best Hotrod at the 10th Annual S.H.M.A Show & Contest

Benjamin Cooper Collecing An Award For Best In Show At Classics United 2018, Later To Be On Display At The World Renowned NEC Classics Show 2019


James Scott Picking Up Best Rat For His RustyPainted T4

Vblogger & Generally Crazy Coz from 'Dirty Wizard Customs' - Vblog December 2017

A great video of the Rustypaint Process, recorded by one of our great customers.

**Warning - Video only suitable for those not offended by adult language**

TKC (Total Kit Car Magazine - Nov/Dec 2017)

Gary's LS3 powered XCS Model A

Fast Car Magazine November 2017

Fast car editor Midge, giving our paint a go! - Looks like he's convinced into painting the whole beetle over winter!

Complete Kitcar Magazine - November 2017

Gary's LS3 powered XCS Model A

Fast Car Magazine August 2017

Fast car editor Midge, giving our paint a go! - Check the next issue to see how he gets on!


Fibreglass Cummins 6bt Hotrod

Readers Rides in Retro Cars Magazine June 2017

Fast Car Magazine Nov 2016

A review of our paint within one of the largest performance / modified car magazines.

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Retro Cars Magazine November 2016

Top Products & Reviews

Karls Mini Cooper, featured in Retro Cars Magazine

Autumn 2016

Ian's Patina'd T4, VWt Summer 2016

Another great feature, this time with Ian's Patina'd T4 getting a full front page spread, and a large write up inside VWt magazine, about his epic van.

Ian has done a stunning job on his project, finished off with some awesome speed-shop graphics and a tasteful set of banded steels!

Karl's Mini Cooper, Featured in Nov-Dec'15

Modern Mini Magazine Not only did Karls Mini feature on the front page, there was also a 6 page write up, and a pull out poster! We think Karl has done an amazing job on his Mini Cooper, and are extremely proud of what he has created!

Stunning piece of artwork created by the internationally recognised artist

Paul Stone (Mydogsighs)

We are honoured to say he has used our paint to rust his canvas for his new 'urban decay' series of artwork!

If you haven't already heard of him, or you are interested in his amazing artwork, please check him out via the following avenues...

His work is truly stunning!


Website & gallery store

A Big thanks to Mark Stone over at Ribble Fm!

We were featured on his drivetime show on 02/10/2016 and on MNW online

Radio clip.mp3

This project was undertaken by Pete & Ken as a promotional mascot for, where they support independent creativity in the UK.

The 'Galvanyzer' was on on exhibition at London MCM Comic Con '15

Ash's 'Rusty Rep' Renault Clio has been winning awards at numerous car shows in 2015.

His 1st award was definitely appropriate, as his creativity has turned his car into nothing other than an 'attention seeker'.

His Clio was also pictured in Performance French Car Magazine '15